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I am proud to be a consultant for Neal's Yard

Remedies, to offer a selection of natural products

to support your well-being. 


Neal's Yard was established in 1981,  creating

award-winning natural and organic health and

beauty. From small beginnings in a quiet corner

of Covent Garden, we’re now a global leader with a

growing presence across five continents –

but remain grounded in our belief that outer beauty and inner health should be in perfect balance.

If you would like to purchase Neal's Yard products or supplements please click on the "Shop" button below.

I am proud to be a Magnetix Wellness consultant. Magnetix sells fascinating magnetic jewellery and special wellness accessories.

Beneficial magnets, expressive symbols, sparkling gemstones and strong colours ensure a positive attitude to life and emphasise your personality.

Whether glamorous, sporty, classical or elegant – each individual article from Magnetix stands for vitality and well-being in everyday life.


Magnetic Jewellery with Effect

Make individual fashion statements with sparkling gemstones, pretty earrings, extraordinary necklace pendants, elegant bracelets or supple flexi rings. The Magnetic jewellery by Magnetix Wellness not only looks great, but also gives energy and balance. Effective pieces of jewellery for neck, back and joints such as the Power Heart provide a pleasant feeling of wellness with powerful neodymium magnets.

Wellness Accessories with Drawing Power

Draw power for eventful days!  From Magnetix you will obtain magnetising Wellness accessories for your home and office. Practical water sticks, a reversible cushion for relaxed sitting, a sleep mask with an extra portion of magnetic energy and other wellness accessories revive the whole body.

Cosmetics – both caring and beneficial

The Cosmetics products by Magnetix Wellness provide your skin with a lot of moisture and give intensive care with a noticeable immediate effect. Precious natural active ingredients support the body’s own defence mechanisms and give a beautiful fresh complexion.

Our range of cosmetics consists of protective day and night cream, firming intensive care, regenerating eye cream and refreshing cleansing products. Enjoy the long-lasting effect and beneficial care of Magnetix cosmetics!

Perfume with effect - fragrances for the soul

Perfume with effect– we just love all products that promote well-being. So Magnetix Wellness has expanded its range with a series of perfumes. The five fragrance lines by Magnetix Wellness reflect the many facets of life and work in quite different ways.

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