Fertility Reflexology


What is Fertility Reflexology?

Fertility Reflexology is a gentle and non-invasive

complementary therapy that works on the theory that

reflex points for every part of the body are mapped

out on the feet and hands. A Fertility Reflexologist

applies gentle pressure to these reflex points, aiming to

restore balance and induce relaxation.

Infertility or sub-fertility is when a couple have been actively trying for a baby without using contraception for longer than 12 months (or 6 months if the woman is over 35) and they have not become pregnant. It is at this time when it is recommended to start fertility investigations with a doctor.

You may be interested to see how Fertility Reflexology can support you as you try to conceive. Whether you are early on in your journey to parenthood, or are already going through fertility investigations or treatment such as IVF, you may choose to use Fertility Reflexologist to help support you.

Why is it important to see a Fertility Reflexologist?

All reflexologists may learn about fertility and pregnancy within their initial training. However, because fertility is such a wide and complex subject, I have choose to taken further training and have experience working with fertility clients.

As a Fertility Reflexologists I belong to the Fertility Reflexology Network and have been involved in intensive Fertility Reflexology workshops, and I am experienced in supporting people with fertility issues and I am committed to on-going development of their fertility knowledge and skills.

As a Fertility Reflexologist you can expect that I:

  • Treat you with compassion and understanding

  • Give you time and space to talk about your fertility journey

  • Have an understanding about fertility issues and treatment

  • Give you a fertility supporting reflexology treatment, tailored to where you are in your cycle or fertility treatment

  • Support you in making lifestyle changes to support your fertility

  • Refer you to any other fertility specialists or resources they believe may help you


Can Reflexology help me conceive?


There is no doubt that Reflexology can be an extremely relaxing experience and may help reduce stress which is often a key concern for people with fertility issues. And many people report anecdotally that they believe their reflexology treatments have contributed to them successfully conceiving.

Reflexology can help to balance and regulate your cycle and deepen your understanding of your ovulation symptoms.