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AromaReflex is an exciting new treatment that combines the

benefits of aromatherapy and reflexology in an ultra-relaxing

complementary health experience as your  skin absorbs the

blended oils to enhance your well-being.

AromaReflex re-balances your body and cleanses it of toxins

and impurities leaving you with:

*Increased energy

*Better circulation

*Improved mood

*More restful sleep

AromaReflex works by using the power of essential oils in the following areas: Immune System Boost; Reproductive Support (women and men focused); Pregnancy; Labour focus; Menopause; Detox; Grief; Depression; Aches and Pains; Relaxing; Reviving;  and Hormone balancing. A total of twelve pure essential oils are available for me to choose from, in order to tailor your treatment.

The areas can also be combined, for example: pregnancy aches and pains; relaxing hormone balance. A few drops of the chosen essential oils will be mixed into the treatment cream and applied directly to your feet. We recommend you allow 8 hours before washing the feet, to allow your skin to absorb the essential oils more fully.

Your treatment begins with introducing you to the blend, this is followed by reflexology. More of the blend will be added to the feet at different intervals. The session concludes with a wrapped heel hold. This enables your body, mind and soul to receive maximum benefits from this luxurious, therapeutic treatment. 

Your blend will be available for you to take home, so that the power of essential oils can carry on working at home.

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