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Child & Teen Reflexology

Child Reflexology


Reflexology for children has many benefits, one of the 

main reasons it that if can help improve sleep, which in

turn can help rebalance and calm your child.


Teens Reflexology


Reflexology has great benefits to teenagers, including

reduce stress and anxiety which is now a large part of

teenage lives. Due to hormonal changes, Reflexology

can help rebalance the hormones. It can help them relax

at times of anxiety about exams, improving concentration,

preparing them for learning.

Modern day living is showing an increase in teenagers being diagnosed with emotional disorders, depression and the need for antidepressants. Reflexology can help them manage and develop healthier stress coping strategies which is key. 

Reflexology has the ability to assist in relaxation, improve sleep, helping your teenager to cope better with life.

Please Note

A child that is under 18 years old, needs to be accompanied by an parent or guardian for both the consultation session and all other sessions.

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